Newsletter from Anglican Op Shop Kilmore January 2017

Thanks to all who donate to this Op Shop, the Community is very grateful for the opportunity to buy household goods and clothing at very reasonable prices.

For us to continue this work we feel that we need to remind donors of what does and does not sell and what we physically and legally cannot sell and therefore do not want delivered.

We have adequate signage which is not always being adhered to - we cannot sell the following:




HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE - yes some people think we are the tip!

Our recycling

As you may well know we are able to recycle clothing, shoes, handbags, soft toys.

Our bin contractor is able to recycle OUR waste paper, cardboard and books.

We also have a regular pick up of metals which are unsaleable- do not bring your own metals for recycling -Blue Sky recycling will collect from you and are a reputable organisation phone 0438133053 for friendly service.

Recyclable items which are a burden to us include:

Broken plastic toys can go in Blue and Yellow recycling bins provided by the Shire to each household. When we receive these items they go to landfill because we have no other option, the recycling of these issomething we feel the donor community could encourage. Tell your friends and relations!!

(Almost any plastic other than bags andpoly styrene can also be recycled.)

Glass jars with lids removed- recyclable

Plastic shopping bags are accepted at Coles for their recycling program.

Old spectacles can be recycled at local Optometrist


These are provided for our use only and we would hope that the community respects us enough to leave them alone at all times. No Dumper diving!!


These are donated for our use and should not be interfered with by anyone , the shop hours are clearly spelled out and anyone entering or leaving this property (it is a private property) after dark will be filmed and recorded and the details passed on to the Police.


Our Op Shop has been operating in Kilmore for nearly 30 years. Goods are sorted weekly, so come and browse. 

Opening Hours

  • Fridays 10.00am - 4.00pm
  • Saturdays 10.00am - noon


Corner of Church Street and Union Street, Kilmore.  Driveway access from Church Street.

Donating Goods

Donated goods we require include clothing, shoes and linen in good saleable condition, as well as household items such as crockery, cutlery, glassware, ornaments, pictures, books, CD's, DVD's, games, puzzles and toys.

Furniture and other large items need to be in saleable condition and delivered onto the verandah only.  If the verandah is full, please be considerate and wait to deliver another time.  When delivering bags of clothes etc, we would appreciate that they be left near our front door (north side) as it is much easier for us to control theft if they are left here.

We are sorry we cannot accept certain items due to legal and safety reasons, and these include all electrical goods, mattresses, couches and lounge chairs.

Mitchell Shire Transfer Stations accept most electrical goods free of charge (includes old fridges, washing machines, televisions, computers etc).  They also accept broken plastic toys and the like free of charge.